WEEKLY CONTEST: 25 Word Stories

Can you tell a story in just 25 words? Do you thrive on limitations? Have you been looking for that spark to get you going? Our weekly 25 word story contest might be perfect for you!



(Larger version)
Submit your story at Button Shy, Reddit, Twitter, FacebookPinterest


(Larger version)
Submit your story at Button Shy, Reddit, TwitterFacebookPinterest

Each week, we will present TWO Storyteller Cards (one original and one fantasy) and we want you to write a 25 word story about one (or both if you are feeling the challenge). 


Write a 25 word story based on the illustration and send it to us. It must be EXACTLY 25 words. You can send it to us in many ways: 

-Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and reply to our weekly contest posts with your story. 
-Chime in on the weekly threads on Reddit at r/writing and r/fantasywriters
-Send us an email at ButtonShyGames@gmail.com. 
-Reply to the weekly contest posts at ButtonShyGames.com

The end of the year grand prizes are as follows: 

Original Storyteller Contest: $50 (sent via Paypal) and an original illustration by Campbell Whyte that was used to create Storyteller Cards. 

Fantasy Storyteller Contest: $50 (sent via Paypal) and an original illustration by Campbell Whyte that was used to create Storyteller Cards: Fantasy. Good luck!

Each week we will choose a winner for both contests. At the end of the year the winners of each contest will be shuffled up and two grand prize winners will be drawn. The more times you win a weekly contest, the better the chances you’ll have to win the year end contest.