Storyteller Cards: Fantasy game - Divvy In The Dungeon by Jason Kotarski

You are the leader a gang of dungeon delving misfits that has teamed up with another local party to maximize the potential for thievery! But now after plundering the dungeon, it’s time to divvy up the loot! Two teams face off in a battle of brawn and wits to determine who walks away with a biggest share of treasure!

Set Up:

  • Shuffle the deck and deal 5 cards to each player. These cards represent some of the members of your raiding party.
  • Reveal cards from the top of the deck, one at a time, until the total on the d20’s reaches or exceeds 20. These cards represent the treasures that will be divided up each round.
    • Copper coins are worth 1, Silver is worth 2, and Gold is worth 3.
  • Place the remaining cards in a draw pile next to the revealed treasure cards.
How to Play:
    • Choose a Lead Fighter! Players choose a card from their hand and reveal cards simultaneously.
      • When choosing a lead fighter the suit and numbered value are the only icons to be considered. Later in the round players will be able to add reinforcements but only using cards that match the suit of their lead fighter.
    • Sort the Chaff! Players bid how many cards they would like to replace from their hand by placing unwanted cards face down in front of them. All players must place at least 1 card to the table.
    • Brawl! Players choose a card from their hand to use in battle. Both players reveal their battle cards simultaneously.
      • Determine the winner of the battle according to the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the card: Shield beats Sword, Sword beats Scroll, Scroll beats Shield.
      • The winner of the battle may replace cards placed in front of them, including the card used in battle, by drawing the number of cards equal to the number placed in front of them.
      • The loser of the battle keeps the cards they bid and used in battle.
      • If there is a tie both players keep all the cards they bid and used in battle. No cards are replaced this round.
      • Bonus: If the player who wins the battle does so with a card that matches the battle icon of the last card in the row of revealed Treasure Cards (furthest away from the draw pile) they get to draw an extra card.
    • Send Reinforcements! Players may add reinforcement cards matching the suit of the lead fighter. After choosing cards to use as reinforcements, players reveal the cards simultaneously.
    • Settle the Score! The player with the highest Fighter Strength wins all of the treasure cards in the middle of the table.
      • Lead fighter value + Reinforcement values = Fighter Strength.

    Starting a New Round:

    • Players keep any cards that were not used in the previous round.
    • Reveal new treasure cards as in Set Up.
    • Deal 5 new cards to each player.
    • Players must choose to discard cards from their hand so they maintain a 5 card hand limit.

    Ending the Game:

    • Continue playing for…
      • 5 rounds
      • Or until the Set Up steps cannot be completed during the second time through the deck. (Reshuffle discard pile after the draw deck depletes the first time.)

    How to Win:

    • The player with the most treasure wins!
      • Copper = 1, Silver = 2, Gold = 3