That Snow Moon

2-4 Players | 15 minutes | Dexterity & Bluffing 

That Snow Moon is a space opera inspired by a popular movie involving space and battles, while not actually infringing upon intellectual property. Designed by David Chalker (Get Bit and Thief's Market) and art by Fabrice Weiss (Avignon and Cunning Folk). That Snow Moon is part our of Pocket Universe line of games


About the Game

In the game, players divide into two teams: Rebels and Imperials. Rebels throw their cards facedown onto the field, trying to assemble a particular set of cards. The Imperials drop their cards onto the table, trying to land on the Rebel cards to reveal them and take out important cards from the Rebels.The Rebels try to bluff and disguise what they're doing, while the Imperials try to outguess and crush the Rebels, which each side uses its unique special abilities as best it can.


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How to Play

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