Twin Stars

Twin Stars is a solo game system by Jason Tagmire and Mike Mullins that takes place in Button Shy's Pocket Universe line of games. The game consists of just 3 cards and players will provide their own dice and coins/tokens. Each scenario comes with 2 all-new characters and can be interchanged with others for a very different gaming experience.


Two cosmic adventurers are in a tricky scenario and must work together. By rolling and manipulating dice for special abilities and combos, you can be the one that guides them to victory.


Scenario 1: Escape the Brig! 

The guard tosses you into the dark cell and you hear the bolt clank into place. Your cries of "Come back!" are answered only with laughter, and heavy footfalls receding down the long corridor.

As your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness, you realize you are not alone. "We have to escape," the prisoner says, "Now."

In Twin Stars: Escape the Brig, two of you are locked up together and need to break free. You can dig a tunnel, but you need to watch out for the guard. There's also a pick that you can use to assist in your escape, but you need to be careful! You must escape to win. If the guard reaches the tunnel you lose.


Twin Stars: Escape the Brig originally part of the Pod-X Kickstarter. 

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Scenario 2: The Quark Star

You look at each other skeptically before powering up the massive collider.

"Why are we doing this again?" you ask, hesitantly.

Your partner shrugs, but you know the answer. It's always the same with you two. Succeed and get paid, or fail and get vaporized.

The discovery of the pentaquark in the early 21st century shed some light on the conditions inside neutron stars. Now, in Twin Stars: The Quark Star you are trying to create the hypothetical Quark Star, an even more dense state of matter. Calibrate, Test, and Experiment with your particle collider, and Capture 5 Quarks to win. Lose if funding reaches $0.


 Twin Stars: The Quark Star originally part of the Pentaquark Kickstarter. 


BGG Page: Twin Stars: The Quark Star on Board Game Geek


Scenario 3: Rule the World


Liberation Forces are decimated, paving the way for control of the galaxy's Inner Ring. “But you promised me a real fight."

Suddenly, the comm crackles to life, "Commander! Liberation reinforcements are dropping out of hyperspace!"

"Ah, your playmates have arrived... Now off with you, I'll bring the weapon online."


In Twin Stars: Rule the World, your plan for world domination is quickly falling apart as the liberation forces have banded together to stop you! You must eliminate all starfighters to win. If you run out of health, you lose.


Twin Stars: Rule the World originally part of the Universal Rule Kickstarter. 


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