Twin Stars FAQ

General questions

Can you place both character dice on the same character?

No, you can only place one die on each character.

Scenario 01: Escape The Brig

Say I reach the escape space with the pick as my last movement. Do I immediately escape or do I have to perform the skill check as well?

You'll have to also complete the skill check as it's part of the check check Advance action.

Do you have to take the Pick first with the ** combo before you can use it?

Yes that's correct. Basically the pick sits on the circle at the start of the game covering its ability. (More on this below) You don't get the pick until you combo **.


What happens if you get the *! without having the pick? Are you forced to do the "Advance forward 1 space and [Skill -2 Health] since you don't have the pick to drop? Nothing because it's covered up and you can't even see it.

If you do take the pick and later drop it, is it out of the game or does it go back on the pick space so that you can take it again later if desired?
It will go back on the scenario card and you can pick it back up with another **.

Scenario 02: Confine The Quarks

What happened to The Quark Star?

We renamed it “Confine The Quarks” to fit the scenario naming convention. It’s otherwise the same scenario, but with some cleanup.

When increasing Base Precision with a double check combo, does the increase to Base "push" the Current Precision up as well (assuming they were equal to start)?

Yes, the Current Precision will move with the base if they are even and the base moves up.

Can a Check/! combo reduce Current Precision below the Base Precision?

Nope, the Current Precision cannot drop below the base or the start. 

"May re-roll 1 if experimenting" = May re-roll one die of my choice, or may re-roll any die that originally shows the value of "1"?

You may re-roll any die that originally shows the value of "1".

"May use 5 and 6 for +$1M" = I need a 5+6 combo to add $1M? Or either 5 or 6 can be used to add $1M?

A die roll combo of one 5 and one 6 will add $1M.

Scenario 03: Rule The World

Do you begin with the ships covered?

No they are not covered at the start.


Yanfred Jima

Do both dice need to be on !! to activate his special?

No The special can be activated at any time. You will take the effect of a !! As shown on the scenario card, then swap the die positions. So if you have Saaze at 5 and Jima at 4, you can use his ability to take the negative effects of the !!, then swap those dice to get two stars.

Does the !! in his special return the dice on the cards? 

Normally a combo would return the dice, but in this instance it doesn't because it's allowing you to manipulate those dice as part of the action.