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Universal Rule FAQS


Question: Is game for 2-5 or 3-5 players?
Answer: It is for 3-5 players

Question: Are secret fleet numbers added from your hand of cards?
Answer - YES , the fleet symbol is the wings

Question: How does "adding funds to battle" work?
Answer - If you are the attacker or defender, the top military value is your attack and defense. The fleet # is the winged icon on all of your other planets. That is how many coins you can add to the battle. The attack and defense from the two engaged planets is already counted and anything you contribute with coins or cards is added to that

Question: What is each symbol the the card?
Answer: The gold coin is cost, red pentagon is military, and it's ALSO your fleet value if it has wings, and the green gear is income

Question: Is the basic side of a planet worth 1 point because of the star?
Answer - YES

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