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At the Helm: Port Amalga Expansion

At the Helm: Port Amalga Expansion

  • $ 300

The sea is a dangerous place. Whether it’s storms or sea serpents, you’re putting your life on the line each time you set sail. Boldly face the challenges of the open ocean as you steer your ship into uncharted waters.

At the Helm is a heavy nautical theme game inspired by the old captain's ship logs. Often in these ship logs you'd see drawings and we used that as inspiration. It's solo and it's a deckbuilder.

Over a series of turns, build a deck and use it to complete the three selected challenges before you run out of time or health.

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Age: 12+

The Port Amalga expansion provides 2 new market cards to add to those from the Base Game and a totally new card type - the Location Card. Locations may allow for additional bonuses or threats.

Designed by Ted Heidersdorf
Art by Marty Cobb and Kelelowor

At the Helm Port Amalga Expansion ($3) - requires At the Helm Wallet Game

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