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Storyteller Pad: Director's Cut

Storyteller Pad: Director's Cut

  • $ 1000

Storyteller Pads allow you to enjoy the same game over and over! These are printed notepads (kind of like a Yahtzee score sheet), that you write directly onto.

DIRECTOR'S CUT - Write a film using just 8 cards!
For each of the categories, you will draw a card and describe the item in the category based on an element from the illustration. If playing with friends or family, you will say the category name out loud, your contribution, then proceed to the next category. When you are finished, pass the pad and the deck to another player. To mix things up, you can also pass the pad in between each category.

Comes with 2 bonus "Act 1" Interactive Pencils. As you sharpen them, it'll tell you where you should be in your story!

This works with both the Storyteller Cards and if you want to make a fantasy style film try Storyteller Cards: Fantasy. Mix both decks for even more variations.

Director's Cut is also included in the Storyteller Manual.

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