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Fishing Lessons - Kickstarter Alternative (Pre-order: estimated shipping December 2022)

  • $ 1700

Until August 13, 2022, you can get Fishing Lessons (along with the free Family Friends expansion), as well as the Simply Solo Collection at the same prices you can get them at Kickstarter. Shipping is included in the prices here to match Kickstarter. These are not eligible for free shipping.

If you add additional items to your order, you may be charged additional shipping and your entire order will be held until Fishing Lessons arrives. It is estimated that the Fishing Lessons Kickstarter Alternative will ship in December 2022.

The Simply Solo Collection includes all of the following content:
Fishing Lessons Wallet Game with 2 expansions (Family Friends and Fabled Fish)

Food Chain Island Wallet Game and the Food Chain Island Expansion Collection (Friendly Waters, Tough Skies, Legendary Creatures and Lost Beasts in a wallet)

Ugly Gryphon Inn Wallet Game and Ugly Gryphon Inn Expansion Collection (More Patrons, Local Dragons, The Little Beak Guesthouse and Innployees in a wallet)

Unsurmountable Wallet Game and Unsurmountable Expansion Collection (Big Climb, Dual Peaks, Acclimatization and Rescue Mission in a wallet)

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