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Food Chain Island: Legendary Creatures Expansion

Food Chain Island: Legendary Creatures Expansion

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Food Chain Island is the first game in the Button Shy Simply Solo series. These are games that are one player only, light on rules, and big on replayability.  

On this forgotten island in a tiny corner of the ocean the animals are hungry! Your goal is to influence the wildlife - and arrange their meals - so there is only one animal left!

In Food Chain Island, you will take as many turns as possible with a goal of only having one land animal card left on the table after starting with a grid of 16. On each turn, you must move one animal to eat another smaller, adjacent animal. If you cannot move an animal to eat another, the game ends.

  • 1 Player
  • 15 Minutes
  • Ages 8+


Legendary Creatures (4 Legendary Land Animal Cards, 1 Sea Animal Card and 1 Air Animal Card)

Get ready to meet the Legendary Creatures! What makes these legendary creatures so legendary? Well, for one they're mythical creatures! On the island you'll see a Phoenix for the first time. These creatures stay hidden and can not be eaten until they are face up. Also, a legendary animal has its power activated when it is eaten.

The legendary animals are unique in two ways:

  • First, they start hidden. A legendary animal cannot be eaten until it is face-up. When an animal is eaten orthogonally adjacent to a legendary animal, then it is flipped face-up. It can then be eaten.
  • Second, a legendary animal has its power activated when it is eaten. It does not have a special ability that activates when it eats. The animal that eats the legendary animal will also have its effect active, and you must fulfil both effects.

In addition, some of the numbers included in this expansion already exist in the base game. Animals of the same number cannot eat one another, unless they have an ability that allows them to do so.


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