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January Kickstarter Bonus Cards - Pay What You Want!

January Kickstarter Bonus Cards - Pay What You Want!

  • $ 100

Pay what you want to help us offset the costs of our unearned stretch goals.

Every backer will receive them whether you pay $0, $1 or up to $5, but any contribution helps. 

Backers of Avignon: Pilgrimage will receive 2 Archbishop Cards.
Backers of Turbo Drift will receive a 5th Player Truck Card and 2 Ramp Cards.
Backers of Find Your Seats will receive the Spy, the Vampire and the Robot.

Backers of all three games will receive all of them!


We love to offer bonus cards, but this time things didn't work out as planned. We made 3 sets of 6 and hoped to reach all, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. We're absorbing the cost and printing them anyway. We could sell them, include them in our Board Game of the Month packages or simply give them away, so we're doing a mix and trying something new. This also enables us to a quicker and less complex fulfillment, as everyone will get a full set of 6 cards for each game that they purchased, instead of having to pick and choose for those who wanted to purchase them and those who didn't. Finally, it enables us to make one rules sheet that covers all 6 cards, which helps with costs and fulfillment (as the more folding, cutting and sleeving, the longer it all takes).


If you don't want to or cannot pay anything, it's ok, you don't need to. You can simply do nothing! You will receive them with your Kickstarter no matter what. We are choosing to do this as pay what you want, and we know that most will take them for free. That's ok. And many of you are already helping out with our Board Game of the Month Club. We also know that some people want to make sure we get these cards and it's enough that it'll help bear some of the printing costs. 

If you are able to help us offset the costs here's what to do. Use one of the dropdowns above to help us out. Anything helps, even $1. 

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