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Numbsters - Kickstarter Alternative (Pre-order: estimated shipping April 2023)

Numbsters - Kickstarter Alternative (Pre-order: estimated shipping April 2023)

  • $ 1700

This is a pre-order. Orders including pre-orders are held until everything is available to ship together. If you add additional items to your order, you may be charged additional shipping and your entire order will be held until Numbsters arrives. It is estimated that the Numbsters Kickstarter Alternative will ship in April 2023.
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You can get Numbsters (along with the free Twin Stars Mini-Game Save the Whales) at the same price as you could get them at Kickstarter. Shipping is included in the prices here. These are not eligible for free shipping.

Numbsters is a solo game that can be played in your hand or on a table. Each of the hungry Numbsters features a number and special ability. Starting with a stack of 6 random Numbsters (plus the Mouth card) you’ll need to eat, move, and manipulate your way to victory. If you can get down to just one Numbster and the Mouth remaining in your hand, you win!

Numbsters Kickstarter Alternative includes the following content:
Twin Stars Mini Game: Save the Whales

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