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Penny Rails

  • $ 1200

Expansion and money, they go hand in hand. The great railways are expanding west which means there are fortunes to be made! Get ready to ride the rails as we wheel and deal shares of the Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt lines. If we play our cards right all the way from New York to St. Louis, we'll become rail barons overnight. 

In Penny Rails, players are stock holders in expanding rail lines reaching across the US.

Using only 18 cards and some loose change, you can relive the excitement of westward expansion right on your tabletop. Every turn you’ll get a chance to gain stocks or lay cards to build routes and increase your stock value! Each move counts as players vie for shares of the most profitable lines. When the first train pulls into the rail yard of St. Louis the player with the most profits wins. Will it be you?

Note: The dropdown features 2 versions. The first is just the game. The second is the game plus the American coins used to play the game for our international friends that do not have access to 3 pennies, 3 nickels and 3 dimes. The coins are nothing special beyond that. :)

2 Players

20 Minutes

Ages 8+

Design: Travis D. Hill

Artwork: George Tagmire

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