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Storyteller Manual: Fantasy Edition

Storyteller Manual: Fantasy Edition

  • $ 1000

Within this manual are the secrets to unlocking your inner storyteller. By the end you'll escape a dungeon, divide your treasure, grant wishes, tell great old tales, and even greater lies, play a full-on RPG, and more!


These games and activities require the Storyteller Cards: Fantasy deck. Some games will even work with the original Storyteller Cards deck. 


Also available as a FREE pdf: Storyteller Cards Fantasy Manual PDF


Games include:

Scapegoat by John duBois
Divvy In The Dungeon by Jason Kotarski
Party On! by Alex Strang
Dueling Djinn by Scott King
Make It Up by Joe Moore
Scroll, Shield, Swords by Ryan Sanders
Medieval Social Network by Jason Slingerland
Maze of Lies by Charles Beauvais
Swords & Storytellers by Andrew Lenox
Crummy Story Rummy by Adam P. McIver and Kerry Rundle
Tomb of Horrors by Jay Treat
Warwickus: Hunt For The Throne by Alan Gerding
Party Trek by Kevin Kulp
Iron Storyteller by Ilan Mitchell-Smith and Jason Tagmire
Character Sheet by Jason Tagmire

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