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Storyteller Pad: Character Sheet

Storyteller Pad: Character Sheet

  • $ 1000

Storyteller Pads allow you to enjoy the same game over and over! These are printed notepads (kind of like a Yahtzee score sheet), that you write directly onto.

CHARACTER SHEET - Create a character and start role playing!
This Character Sheet is not based on any specific game. In fact, some of the areas aren't even labelled. All of that is on purpose to bring out your creative gaming side. 

Use the Character Sheet in an existing roleplaying / storytelling game, or make up your own using Storyteller Cards: Fantasy as inspiration. 

Comes with 2 bonus "Level Up/d20" Interactive Pencils. As you sharpen them, they can show your character level, or you can sharpen your way up to a natural 20!

This works best with Storyteller Cards: Fantasy (as you see the same icons on the cards and the Character Sheets), but you can try them with the original Storyteller Cards, or mix both decks for even more variations.

Character Sheet is also included in the Storyteller Manual: Fantasy Edition.

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