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Storyteller Pad: Comic Challenge

Storyteller Pad: Comic Challenge

  • $ 1000

Storyteller Pads allow you to enjoy the same game over and over! These are printed notepads (kind of like a Yahtzee score sheet), that you write directly onto.

COMIC CHALLENGE - Create a comic, alone or with friends!
Artist Carey Pietsch created the Comic Challenge based on her experience with comic jams. If you're unfamiliar, jams are events where you basically lock yourself in a room with other creators for X hours (often 24) and create a full comic. There are also game design jams and they're a wonderful experience.

The time restraint isn't there, but the essence of the jams comes through in this Storyteller Pad. Players will draw one card for the comic and roll a die. Then they must fill the panel that matches their die roll. If there are special elements in that panel (such as word bubbles, thought bubbles), they must be used. If you roll a panel already shown, you can choose any remaining panel.

It gets crazy when you are filling in the gap between two vastly different panels. We also suggest having multiple sessions going on at once, so that everyone is drawing at the same time. 

Comes with 2 bonus "Mood" Interactive Pencils. As you sharpen them, they can help shape the mood of your creations!

This works with both the Storyteller Cards and if you want to make a fantasy style comic try Storyteller Cards: Fantasy. Mix both decks for even more variations.

Comic Challenge is also included in the Storyteller Manual.

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