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Storyteller Pad: Once Upon A Time

Storyteller Pad: Once Upon A Time

  • $ 1000

Storyteller Pads allow you to enjoy the same game over and over! These are printed notepads (kind of like a Yahtzee score sheet), that you write directly onto.

ONCE UPON A TIME - An activity where the children get to tell the story!
Children should read the story and draw a card each time they get to an empty space. They should use the card to fill in and continue the story. We encourage kids to look at the card and not just use the centerpiece. Try using something smaller, or something in the background. Each card has a lot going on and can give a child many directions to take their story.

Comes with 2 bonus "ABC" Interactive Pencils. As you sharpen them, draw something with the current letter!

This works with both the Storyteller Cards and if you want to make a fantasy style comic try Storyteller Cards: Fantasy. Mix both decks for even more variations.

Comic Challenge is also included in the Storyteller Manual.

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