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Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels

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[This is a pre-order. Wagon Wheels will ship in June 2017.]

Wagon Wheels - A 2 player game about building an EVEN SMALLER boomtown.

Wagon Wheels is a nano-sized game by Nat Levan, based on Circle The Wagons. Nat has been making these Nanodaptions (trademark!) of our already small wallet games, where he will distill the essence of the gameplay down to just a few cards and tokens. Wagon Wheels is just 3 cards, which includes 4 different maps and one rules card.

In the game, two players will place and move their tokens around the map, trying to get the majority of their tokens in a quadrant to score that quadrant's special bonus as well as trying to get the east and west spaces on the map for additional points.

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