Button Shy Family Kickstarter Roundup - 10/27/17

Welcome to another edition of the Button Shy Family Kickstarter Roundup, where we showcase the new projects from the great people we've worked with in the past.

Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, designers of the definitive travel game Cow Tiger Santa Claus and our April 2016 postcard game The Big Score, have a game that is bigger than the two of these combined, then times about 10. Legends of Sleepy Hollow by Dice Hate Me is a co-op, miniatures based campaign game, filled with flavor and lots of legacy-style campaign gameplay. If you want a deep thematic dive, this is it. 

Next up is a game from Rob Couch, who designed our November 2016 Postcard Game, It Goes To 11. You may also know rob from the Building The Game Podcast and if you follow the podcast, you know all about this game. In Epic Monster Tea Party from PlayCoGames, big bad monsters are grabbing heroes and drinking them in their tea or squashing them to gain their abilities. There's a hint at something wild if they hit $7000, and we want to see this happen. 

And the last two featured games are still going. There's still time to check them out.

See you again next time!

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