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Cow Tiger Santa Claus

Cow Tiger Santa Claus

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Cow Tiger Santa Claus is a road trip game for friends and family. Tuck it in the center console of the car, the glove compartment, or even that strap on the visor that you never use. Game design by Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle, with storybook quality art by Felicia Cano.

Cow Tiger Santa Claus is destined to become a staple road trip game. At the start of a trip, the group will draw a card from each of three categories (easy, medium, hard) and they will keep their eyes peeled for School Buses, Bears, Superheroes, and more. There are many ways to play, so this game is perfect for everyone from families working together to trash-talking friends competing for bragging rights. Whether you have just two people or everyone in the car playing, we’re sure you’ll be grateful for a break from license plate bingo. 

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