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In the far reaches of space where humankind still dares not go, a sturdy ROVE — short for Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer — is often deployed. You are one such unit. Unfortunately your navigation systems malfunctioned and you were forced to make a crash-landing on a hostile alien planet. Armed only with your array of movement-enhancing modules you’ll have to roll, stretch, shimmy, and bounce your way to safety and complete the mission before your power supply runs out…permanently.

ROVE is a solo spatial puzzle game. In each game of ROVE, the player will face a series of mishaps that can only be solved by arranging the 6 module cards in a specific pattern. Moving a module requires Movement Points gained by discarding cards from hand for the listed amount. Players may gain additional Points if their current module layout matches the pattern shown on the discarded card.

Each module costs 1 Movement Point per activation and uses its own unique movement style, such as only moving diagonally or pushing other modules a single space. Modules also have powerful single-use abilities that can help get players out of a tight spot. Properly timing these abilities -- as well as effectively using the limited number of Movement cards -- will help the player complete ROVE’s mission successfully.

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Ages: 8+


Fascinating Flora Mission Pack Expansion (6 Mission/Movement cards)

In addition to its movement capabilities, a ROVE unit’s Multiversatool turns it into a rolling laboratory that’s perfect for studying xenobotany. Learn more about the fascinating flora you encounter and use that information to make the most of your modules. Just keep one sensor active at all times: you never know when an alien creature might stop by for a quick and crunchy snack!

This add-in expansion expands the core ROVE gameplay with new Mission patterns as well as a new way to use Movement cards. These allow the player to refresh the single-use ability of a specific module as a reward for completing the pattern.

ROVE Expansion Collection (three 6-card Mission Pack expansions: Icy Incidents, Alien Activities and Cosmic Crisis)

Shuffle the cards from one or more Mission Packs into the deck of Mission/Movement card.

Icy Incidents adds new Movement cards which freeze two of your Modules at a time. Frozen Modules cannot be moved directly, making them difficult to work around.

Alien Activities introduces new Movement cards which force all of your Modules to follow the movement rules for one specific Module.

Cosmic Crisis features two new game elements. First are anti-patterns, which work like the bonus patterns found on normal movement cards except that they need certain spaces to be empty. Second are the Crisis missions, urgent matters that must be resolved without using more than a single Movement card.

Reconfigured Module Pack Expansion (6 Module cards)

Download finished… Rewriting operating system… Enhancing core modules… Upgrade complete: Welcome to ROVE 2.0.

When playing with Reconfigured, you can play with the standard or Reconfigured version of each Module. These boosted Modules offer bigger – but not always better – effects to help you explore.

Crawler is a single Module card expansion. An alien parasite has latched onto ROVE and is crawling all over your modules. Crawler is a new module that adds a neat little twist to the game: It has a new restriction (it must always cover a single module), it’s own ability and movement, and a special sort of passive ability. It's sometimes in your way and sometimes useful.

Designed by Dustin Dobson and Milan Zivcovic
Art by Dustin Dobson and Milan Zivcovic

ROVE Wallet Game ($12) - the base game in a vinyl wallet

ROVE Expansion Collection ($12) - three Missions pack expansions (Icy Incidents, Alien Activities, Cosmic Crisis) packed together in a vinyl wallet

Fascinating Flora Expansion ($4) - a six card Mission pack expansion packed in a card sleeve

Reconfigured Expansion ($4)- a six card Module expansion packed in a card sleeve

Crawler Expansion ($2) - a one card Module expansion packed in a card sleeve
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