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Ancient Realm (UK Only)

Ancient Realm (UK Only)

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Starting from humble beginnings, you must lead your civilization to greatness. Harvest, hire, build, and plan your way into the history books!

At its heart, Ancient Realm a civilization-building-themed puzzle game, where you're trying to maximize your points by deciding what blocks to keep and what blocks to build over, carefully managing your resources, and balancing end game scoring goal needs with immediate tactical needs.

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Age: 8+


Monuments & Misfortunes is 6-card expansion which randomly replaces some of the standard game’s Districts with special Districts featuring Monument and/or Misfortune blocks.

Monuments to your civilization can be constructed without any special cost and score at the end of the game, but can instead be covered to gain a free Resource. Misfortunes are negative events that apply when they are in your Realm; you can cover them up to eliminate their effect or suffer through them to score points for your resilience at the end of the game.

Leaders - Set 1 introduces 6 renowned leaders from major eras in history.

The course of history can be steered by powerful leaders. Achieve their goals alongside other major milestones to make the most of their singular talents.

One leader takes control of your civilization at setup, adding a new scoring requirement that must be met at the end of the game. Another is used for its milestone. Milestones are events which happen during play; on completing a milestone, you are bound by a new rule that impacts your society for the rest of the game. Meet your leader's goal and complete your milestone to secure your civilization's enduring legacy!

Designed by Steven Aramini
Art by Startraphell Talbot

Ancient Realm Wallet Game ($12) - base game packed in a vinyl wallet; required for all games
Monuments & Misfortunes Expansion ($4) - 6 card expansion packed in a card sleeve; requires Ancient Realm Wallet Game

Leaders Set 1 Expansion ($4) -  6 card expansion packed in a card sleeve; requires Ancient Realm Wallet Game

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