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Battlecrest: Metronn (UK ONLY)

Battlecrest: Metronn (UK ONLY)

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What is the mark of a true champion? Legendary heroes clash across the Neververse to find out.

Battlecrest is a card-based tactical skirmish game for 2 players (1-4 with expansions), unlike any other. With perfect information, players must truly outwit their opponent to win.

Battlecrest Metronn Base Wallet Game (includes two heroes, Kaladeos and Exa with her minion, Sparkles, and the Metronn map)

Metronn: a massive city filled with neon color and alien architecture. In the labyrinth of alleys between districts a grinning sentrybot chases a twisted figure, bent by dark magic. As their battle explodes suddenly in the middle of the street, bystanders run for cover while cameras broadcast every move to giant screens. Finally, a spectacle worthy of Metronn.

Kaladeos is a master healer who has scoured wraith-corrupted worlds across the Neververse on behalf of his Order. Now he depends on his healing skills to survive the nidus of dark magic left behind by a grievous wound. The Wraithlock he wears enables him to draw on that magic to enhance his body at the risk of becoming a wraith himself.

Exa was once a simple sentrybot, a modular android protecting the megawealthy. But years of constant reprogramming and conflicting orders burned out her emotional regulator. Now a mercenary, Exa and her pet turret Sparkles are know for their glitchy dispostitions and the devastaion they leave in their wake.

  • Players: 2 (1-4 with expansions)
  • Length: 20-30 minutes
  • Age: 10+


Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #2 (includes the heroes Korvu, Pavl (designed by Mike Berg) and Hype (designed by Jason Greeno & Jason Tagmire) packed in a wallet)

Pavl is a vicious snowman who commands the ice and snow to attack. This is the fourth additional hero for Battlecrest and the first to be designed by a guest designer, Mike Berg.

Korvu: Skullcleaver. The moving Mountain. Korvu has earned many titles over a lifetime of brutal combat. Many have tried to topple this living legend, but the Sakkan fighter has never been defeated. His up-close fighting style is as direct as his philosophy: the first battle you lose is you last.

Hype: Among the jam-packed Clashrave arenas of Metronn, no one is more popular than the reigning champion, Hype. The fusion of music and martial arts comes naturally to this improvisational virtuoso. Sporting top-of-the-line phychosonic implants, the undefeated queen of Clashrave always leaves the audience wanting more.


Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #3 (includes the solo expansion Imperator II (playable by itself or combined with the original Imperator), and the heroes Griyan (designed by Yann Perrin) and Mub Zane (designed by Jay Yeates) packed in a wallet)

The Imperator II solo expansion enables gameplay for one player to play as any hero against any other hero using 6 solo Command cards and that hero’s AI rules insert. You can play these on their own, or combined with the original Imperator cards that were released in our first campaign (and are now available in Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #1).

The cybernetically enhanced assasssin Griyann relentlessly stalks his prey through the criminal underworld of Metronn. Scientifically engineered to be the best, he'll stop at nothing to prove it... including connecting his mind to the galaxy-spinning artificaial intelligences of the Neverworld. If he succedds he'll hold more power than anyone can handle.

In the endless deserts of Deadrock, every day brings a thousand ways to die. Journeying through the wasteland on his prized jetpack, Mub Zane relies on his stoic attitude and inventive mind to steer him through danger. This gritty fighter can stand his ground against Deadrock's deadly inhabitants, but isn't afraid to cut his losses and run when needed.


Designers: Dustin Dobson and Milan Zivkovic
Additional Design: Mike Berg, Jason Greeno, Jason Tagmire, Roshni Patel, Jay Yeates
Artists: Jesse Turner and Fachri Maulana (Katkrunch)


Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Wallet Game - one base wallet game is required for all games.

Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #1 - adds solo play and two heroes which can be used in solo or 2-player games and in 3-4 player team games.

Battlecrest: Pavl Hero Set - $4 (requires Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Game or Battlecrest Metronn Base Game)

Battlecrest: Korvu Hero Set - $4 (requires Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Game or Battlecrest Metronn Base Game)

Battlecrest: Hype Hero Set - $4 (requires Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Game or Battlecrest Metronn Base Game)

Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #2 - three heroes (Pavl, Korvu and Hype) which can be used in solo or 2-player games and in 3-4 player team games, packed in a vinyl wallet.

Battlecrest: Deluxe AI Pack #1 - $4 (requires Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Wallet Game or Battlecrest Metronn Base Game and Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #1)

Battlecrest: Deluxe Hero Pack #1 - $4 (requires two copies of Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Wallet Game and/or two copies of Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #1 for the hero action cards

Battlecrest: Metronn Base Wallet Game  - one base wallet game is required for all games

Battlecrest: Expansion Collection #3 - adds solo play and two heroes which can be used in solo or 2-player games and in 3-4 player team games.

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