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Blorg in The Midwest

Blorg in The Midwest

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In South Dakota no one can hear you scream...

You are Blorg, a campy cartoon alien who took the family saucer for a joyride and crashed it into a small piece of the rural midwestern USA. Now you must find your way home across the empty vastness of space so that your MomDad can ground you for the rest of your mortal existence. Maybe you could fix the saucer, or flag down a passing spacecraft, but in the meantime you'd better make sure you don't meet any pesky Earthlings...

Blorg in the Midwest is a solitaire deck-builder story game in just 9 cards. Your hand contains a single location card that determines where you are, plus a card for each item you are carrying (such as your trusty memory eraser zappo gun). Each turn you may move to another location by swapping your location card for another, or obtain a new item card from those available by combining the required icons from cards in your hand. In the second part of your turn a scrolling time line determines a range of events that you must avoid or mitigate, such as meeting the farmer or his wife.

If you can obtain the right items you can repair your saucer, or signal a passing spacecraft. But if you are seen and reported then this sets in train a series of events leading eventually to your capture and vivisection by the FBI. So tread softly, choose your actions wisely, and above all don't get caught.

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 10-20 minutes
  • Ages: 10+

Design & Art by John Kean

Blorg in The Midwest $5

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