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Deadeye Dinah

Deadeye Dinah

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Bounty hunter “Deadeye” Dinah Reeves never gets mail, and certainly not from her little brother turned-Deputy-Marshal. But sure enough, the letter in your hands ain’t no lie:

Dear Dinah,
I need your help finding these men. They been making hell for me all over the Arkansas Territory, and now I hear they done run to Texas. I can’t keep chasing these cusses. So I’m asking you, just this once. There ain’t nobody you can’t catch. You know I don’t beg, but I can’t do nothing else now. Just this once, Dinah. Please.
Love, Bass

Again you check the stack of wanted posters stuffed in his envelope. No mention of a bounty. Twelve years since you last heard from him, and the great Bass Reeves can’t spare a dime. Well, you reckon, he’s still kin. May-hap you can do your dear brother a favor—just this once. 

As bounty hunter “Deadeye” Dinah Reeves, track down each crime boss through a stack of scene cards. A scene may be a peril or shootout. Use your kit cards to overcome each scene card and add it to your kit. You can play a kit card as a bullet to shoot other folk’s hats. Or you can play the same card as an item for a special benefit. But outlaws can shoot the hat of any kit card you play, losing you that card. If you ever run out of kit cards, you fail and star t the job over. Reach the boss card to duel the boss. Shoot their hat before they slip away, and you capture them, earning reputation that grows your legend. If you fail, try again. You win the entire campaign by completing all 8 jobs: capture all 8 bosses and bring them to Bass.

NOTE: Deadeye Dinah is a 9 card game packed in a standard card sleeve. A link to the digital rules will be provided; no physical rules are included.

Best Solitaire Game, Best Original Artwork and Best Cards Only Game from the 2021 9 Card Game Print and Play Design Contest.

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 5-15 mins
  • Age: 12+

Designed by Onthewayover
Art by Giampiero RAndazzo


Deadeye Dinah $5 - 9 card game

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