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Desert Pack

Desert Pack

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It’s a sweltering summer in the desert and you are on the hunt. Food is so scarce that you must invade another pack’s territory to steal some of theirs. If your pack gets too tired, you may have to go home empty-handed. Can you outwit the other coyotes and survive the heat?

In this fast-paced bluffing game, each player is leading a pack of coyotes and attempting to deceive their opponents in order to enter their territory and acquire precious food for their pack. The players hold their coyotes in their hand, and either invade, defend, and/or rest coyotes each turn. As the coyotes fight, they become tired, and are eventually too exhausted to continue. One of the challenges of the game is trying to score as many points as possible, while at the same time managing the overall strength of your pack. You must skillfully deplete your deck to capture or defend coveted food and leverage your opponents’ current situation to your advantage. Only one desert pack can claim victory!

Design: Gwen Ruelle and Sam Bryant

Art: Nuvvola

Players: 2-3
Ages: 8+
Length: 20 Minutes

For a preview of the game, check out it's submission video for our 18 Card Challenge below:

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