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Fishing Lessons: Leland's Tacklebox Expansion

Fishing Lessons: Leland's Tacklebox Expansion

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Leland's Tackle Box (4 Tackle Cards)

Plenty of people tried to gift Leland a new tackle box, but he always swore by this one. Perhaps it'll hold something useful for you, too.

This 4-card expansion adds 2 Tackle cards to each game which must be played to win. When adding a card to the Lesson Row from your hand, you may play a face-up Tackle card as well, covering an existing Lesson card and replacing it with a powerful action for the turn before being discarded to reveal the original Lesson. After playing the first Tackle card, flip the other one face-up and play it on a subsequent turn. Play both before the game ends or you'll miss the boat!

Designed by Scott Almes
Art by Nivea Toliver


Fishing Lessons Wallet Game $12 - required for all games

Family Friends Expansion $3 (requires Fishing Lessons Base Game)

Fabled Fish Expansion $3 (requires Fishing Lessons Base Game)

Leland's Tackle Box Expansion $3
 (requires Fishing Lessons Base Game)

Weather Expansion $4 
(requires Fishing Lessons Base Game)

Fishing Lessons Expansion Collection $12
 - Family Friends, Fabled Fish, Leland's Tackle Box and Weather Expansions packed together in a vinyl wallet (requires Fishing Lessons Base Game)

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