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In Vino Morte: Pixel Edition

In Vino Morte: Pixel Edition

  • $ 1200

 In Vino Morte is a 3-8 player social party game. 

You've been invited to a top notch dinner party, and the host offers you a glass of wine. Do you drink it or pass on it? As your neighbors drop like flies, you need to press on, and most importantly, stay alive.

In Vino Morte was a submission to our 2017 Wallet Game Design Contest and was originally published in a smaller 8 card version as part of our Board Game of the Month Club before being added to our wallet game line. This special edition uses Pixel Art, but gameplay is unaltered.

"At the Granite Game Summit, we played this game late into the night on Saturday of the convention. Game after game became funnier and funnier as feuds were formed, trust was broken, and the most hilarious and unpredictable deaths occurred." - Gamingforjustice

Designer: Chris Anderson

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