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Two corrupt politicians need to exchange messages and dirty money while two investigators try to intercept their actions and publish them in the international media.

Winner of Button Shy's 18 identical card challenge, Interceptor is a game for 4 people in pairs that will sit facing your partner.

The cards have two sides: money or message. Players must place one of their 5 cards with one side forward and make a pre-arranged secret code for their partner to place the same side forward. Corruptors should try to avoid investigations by placing the opposite side that their opponents put, while investigators want to put on the same side as their opponents.

After 4 cards on the table, they are all revealed and losers lose their cards. Whoever runs out of cards loses the game.

But there is one more thing. If you discover your opponent's code, you can say "Interceptor!" and make a guess. If you're wrong, you lose a card, if you get it right, you win the game instantly.

  • Players: 4
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 10 minutes 
  • Designer: Felipe Galery, Gabriel Santana & Ingrid Spangler
  • Art: Andrew Bosley
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