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Numbsters Infinity Expansion (PREORDER: ESTIMATED SHIPPING AUGUST 2024)

Numbsters Infinity Expansion (PREORDER: ESTIMATED SHIPPING AUGUST 2024)

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NOTE: NUMBSTERS INFINITY is a pre-order. Orders including pre-orders are held until everything is available to ship together. If you add Numbsters Infinity to any order, your entire order will be held until it arrives.

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When hungry Numbsters form a line, arrange them well and you’ll be fine.
But when they all begin to munch, avoid the Mouth or you’ll be lunch!

Numbsters is a solo game that can be played in your hand or on a table. Each of the hungry Numbsters features a number and special ability. Starting with a stack of 6 random Numbsters (plus the Mouth card) you’ll need to eat, move, and manipulate your way to victory. If you can get down to just one Numbster hiding the Mouth in your hand, you win!

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 10 minutes
  • Age: 8+

Designer: Milan Zivkovic
Artist: Luke Flowers

Numbsters: Infinity, is a two-card expansion that introduces infinity mode. The infinity card replaces the mouth, twisting the game a little bit. Instead of losing the game when the mouth reaches the top, the game resets, so you are trying to win before it's too late. There's also an actual 8 Numbster now with a new ability "smallest Numbster may eat biggest Numbster".



Numbsters Wallet Game ($12)

Numbsters Infinity expansion ($2) - requires Numbsters wallet game

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