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Pentaquark - Print & Play

Pentaquark - Print & Play

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Some of the biggest questions in the world of science may be answered by studying quarks, the smallest of particles. The problem with trying to study quarks is that you can’t find just one quark; you need to find them in groups called hadrons, or some other exotic particles, like the Pentaquark.

In Pentaquark, you are trying to give science a helping hand by collecting the 5 quarks that form this particle at the detector of a massive particle collider. Move cards you need to the detector, discard others so they may come back as anti-quarks, and try to minimize the number of quarks scattered and lost. If too many cards are removed from the game, the Pentaquark has slipped through undetected once again!

Pentaquark is a single player game designed by Mike Mullins with art by Fabrice Weiss. Gameplay lasts 15-30 minutes (you will immediately want to play again) and recommended for ages 12 and up.


  • Pentaquark PNP - $3
  • Pentaquark Tops PNP $1
  • Pentaquark Bosons PNP - $1
  • Pentaquark Gluons PNP - $1
  • Pentaquark Colliders PNP - $1
  • Pentaquark PNP with All Expansions - $5 (Save $2)


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