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Pizza Pizza Yum Yum

Pizza Pizza Yum Yum

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Pizza Pizza Yum Yum is a cooperative game played over three rounds. Each round, you will be making two pizzas with your partner. Scoring criteria will be face-down, and communication is restricted, so you will need to be in sync for a high score!

Shuffle all 18 cards and deal 6 to each player. Players will simultaneously play cards onto opposite pizzas. The order of card play is in the name of the game: Pizza, then Pizza, then Yum, then Yum, (then Pizza, and then Pizza again). A Yum card is a face down card that will determine scoring possibilities – the ingredients in the menu. The two yum cards under each pizza will be revealed at the end of the round to form a menu with four ingredients on it. Each pizza only scores for the ingredients it has on its menu.

When playing face down Yum cards, it is a good idea to angle them towards you so that you remember which one you played and can look at it again in the future. You may not look at your partner’s Yum cards (nor can they be discussed)!

At the end of the round, once all 12 cards have been played, flip over the Yum cards to assemble the menu for each pizza. Every ingredient on the menu will score a point if it is in the pizza. If there are two or more of the same type, those ingredients will each be worth two or more points. The team’s score is the lowest scoring pizza for the round. Play three rounds, shuffling all cards between each game. The final score is the sum of all three rounds. Reach or exceed 30 points and you win!

  • Players: 2
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Ages: 8+

Designed by Lance Schricke
Art by Filip Popovic

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