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SpaceShipped -- A solo space trading game of buying and selling resources, upgrading your ship, crew, and equipment, dealing with marauders, and making deals. A card game with over 30 random events, 4 types of ship, 4 sets of crew members, and 8 different pieces of equipment to install, all using only 18 cards packed neatly in a little wallet.

Your goal: Make enough money through your buying and selling of resources to be able to afford two very expensive exotic stones (three, if you're really daring). At the same time you're trying to do it, marauders are working hard to collect them as well. If they get to them first, or if your ship takes enough damage, you lose.

As if the pressure from the marauders wasn't enough, on each turn, you'll pilot your ship to different planets, experiencing random encounters, solar winds, and violent attacks. Spend too much time repairing your ship and the pirates will steal the crystals first, but don't repair your ship enough and it will likely be destroyed by these attacks. Hire the right crew, buy the right ship, fit your ship with the right equipment, and you just might make it out of the galaxy alive.

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 10-30 minutes
  • Age: 8+


Each of the SpaceShipped expansions include 5 Multipurpose cards and 1 Enemy card. 

During setup, set aside the Wealth, Starting Crew, Ship, and Equipment cards from the base game. Sort the remaining base game cards along with any expansion cards into the following groups: Crew, Ships, Equipment, and Enemies. Shuffle each group, then randomly draw the following:

  • Crew: 3
  • Ships: 3
  • Equipment: 7
  • Enemy: 1

Along with the cards that you set aside, these are the 18 cards you will use to play.

The Dynasty Seal (6 cards)

Some of the Emperox's items are missing, and troops have been assembled to find them! For some, this is a great opportunity for profit, but for others, it's another reason to stay away from the Dynasty forces.

Out of Route (6 cards)

Political disturbances have driven you to new regions of space, and here, the markets aren't as predictable as in your home sector. Your reputation reached here before you did, however, and gained you some new friends, new opportunities and a new ruthless enemy.

Debts and Damage (6 cards)

Sometimes, the rewards are worth the risks, but in this part of the sector, the risks often outnumber the rewards. The presence of the Dynasty grows larger by the day, so be careful that you never get on their bad side. Otherwise, you might not make it out alive.

Lockdown (6 cards)

In an attempt to weed out the criminal elements from Dynasty worlds, the military has set up blockades and checkpoints throughout the sector. While this has made it much harder for smugglers, it has made things more lucrative for the traders who can get past these troops.


Designed by Lucas Gentry
Art by Sara Beauvais, Marty Cobb and Daniel Ido


SpaceShipped Wallet Game ($12) - base game packed in a vinyl wallet; required for all games

The Dynasty Seal Expansion ($4) - six card expansion packed in a card sleeve

Out of Route Expansion ($4) - six card expansion packed in a card sleeve

Debts and Damage Expansion ($4) - six card expansion packed in a card sleeve

Lockdown Expansion ($4) - six card expansion packed in a card sleeve

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