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Sprawlopolis: Beaches Expansion

Sprawlopolis: Beaches Expansion

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Sprawlopolis: Beaches turns your expanding city into a crammed beach town, with water on three sides of the map. One beach card is flipped and added to your scoring goals as a way to earn some bonus points. The other three are shuffled into the deck, and when you draw a beach card, you must place it on the North, South, East or West end of the map. Only one beach card can go on each side, and before you know it, you'll have set the borders, and cannot build beyond the water line. 

For someone that wants to stay on their toes with every draw, and shift their approach to map building in a whole new way, you'll want to check out Sprawlopolis: Beaches.

This is a 4 card expansion and comes inside of the $10 Board Game of the Month Club February Pack. Join at Patreon for extra savings here:

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