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Squabblin Goblins (UK Only)

Squabblin Goblins (UK Only)

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Goblins just can’t resist shiny things. These little schemers will stop at nothing to end up with the biggest hoard of gold and treasure. From sharpened forks to secret bombs, everything goes with these greedy goblins!

Welcome to Squabblin’ Goblins, a two player game of secrets and deduction. In this game, you play as competing goblins trying to get the best loot. You’ll each end up with three piles at the end of the game, but watch out - the piles on your side of the field could end up empty, or even worth negative points!
  • Players: 2
  • Length: 20 minutes
  • Ages: 8+


Shoot the Moon (a 2-card expansion)

Nothing spells trouble like an airborne goblin. That poor moon doesn't even know what's coming. If you control one Shoot the Moon, -5 points. If you control both, +8 points.

Macguffin (a 2-card expansion)

What's a Macguffin? The goblins don't care: they just know they want it. Better still if they can get their hands on two! Search the deck for a card and replace for a card from your hand. Resuffle. If you control both MacGuffins at the end of the game, you win.

Design by Emma Larkins
Art by Marty Cobb

Squabblin Goblins ($12) - wallet game

Shoot the Moon Expansion ($2)

Macguffin Expansion ($2)

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