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Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling

Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling

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In Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling (SuperP.L.E.X.), players each take the role of an intergalactic pro wrestling superstar and battle it out with over-the-top moves in hopes of being the last wrestler standing!

Players assemble their unique hand of 6 maneuver cards (their arsenal in the battle ahead) and position their wrestlers on the ring, which will become an important part of their assault.

Each round starts with a "Lock-Up" in order to determine who will start with the offensive edge. 

After the Lock-Up, the Assault phase begins where each player then positions their maneuver cards as "Offense" or "Defense" depending on who won the Lock-Up. 

One by one, players reveal their face down maneuver cards to see if the player on Defense was able to correctly guess what type of maneuver their opponent played. If they guess correctly, the opponent's maneuver is countered and the Defensive player now goes on the Offense! If they guessed wrong, the player on Offense gets to execute their maneuver!

Maneuvers become more and more deadly the further along in a combo they are, so do your best to juke and jive your Defensive opponent to get the most out of your combo! The wrestlers themselves get more deadly as well. Once a wrestler's stamina goes below 1/2, they get to add their super effective Finishing Maneuver card to their arsenal to help turn the tide of battle!

The Wallet Game is $12 and comes with 18 cards.
The Wallet Game with Tag Team Bonus cards is $16 and comes with an additional 6 cards to play longer or 4P games.

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