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Super Slopes

Super Slopes

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With a layer of fresh snow underfoot, it’s a great day to finally nail that perfect run. Just keep your eyes peeled for the occasional yeti.


Slalom your way through an epic ski run while watching out for trees and yetis! Super Slopes is a drafting game with a unique twist. Players take cards from the central community ski hill by tracing a path along the various slope lines that crisscross each card. Only the last card on a line can be claimed and added to the player’s personal tableau. High cards open up powerful actions like using the ski jump to draft further along the community hill, but also sport more hazards and fewer points. At the end of the game, each player scores only a single run on their tableau. Points can be earned from a variety of sources: matched icons, looped trails, and more! Players can also lose points for yetis on the trail, or even be stopped entirely by a tree in the way. The player with the highest-scoring run wins!


  • Players: 1-3
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Age: 8+


Designed by Ted Heidersdorf
Art by Milan Zivkovic

Super Slopes ($12) - base game packed in a vinyl wallet

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