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The Last Lighthouse

The Last Lighthouse

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The Last Lighthouse is the sixth game in the Button Shy Simply Solo series. These are games that are one player only, light on rules, and big on replayability.  

At the edge of the horizon, the nightmares begin. You, and you alone, defend the lighthouse that keeps them at bay. Can you keep this beacon shining until the dawn, or will you succumb to the spreading darkness?  

In The Last Lighthouse your goal is to survive all of the cards in the Nightmare deck, keeping the Lighthouse lit despite the spreading darkness caused by any unchecked Nightmares. Each of the 16 Nightmare cards doubles as a Trap used to control or eliminate these threats, and each feature unique abilities that change up how they are placed or used.

  • 1 Player
  • 15 Minutes
  • Ages 8+


Strange Shores (3 Lighthouse Cards)

The shore looks different than before. You used to have every crooked tree and worn pebble memorized, but as the nightmares attack things look... strange. Has your lighthouse changed? Is it all in your mind?

The Strange Shores expansion introduces 3 new Lighthouse cards, each with their own unique rules and strengths. Each Lighthouse replaces the one found in the base game, adding new twists to the core gameplay.

Long Nights (5 Nightmare/Trap Cards)

Weak sunlight barely filters through the low winter clouds. The nightmares seem to draw strength from the oppressive darkness, gathering in ever-larger hordes.

The Long Nights expansion adds 5 new Nightmare/Trap cards. These cards are shuffled into the standard deck and then 3 cards are removed, creating an unpredictable and more challenging experience for veteran players.


Designed by Scott Almes
Art by Anastasia Khmelevska


The Last Lighthouse Wallet Game ($12) - required for all games

Strange Shores Expansion ($3) - 3 card expansion packed in a card sleeve (requires The Last Lightshouse Wallet Game)

Long Nights Expansion ($4) - 5 card expansion packed in a card sleeve (requires The Last Lighthouse Wallet Game)

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