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The Royal Limited

The Royal Limited

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England, 1960s. Revolutions in music, fashion, art and more draw celebrities from around the world. Superstars wind their way across the country using the ultimate in luxury travel, a train line catering to the elite, while less fortunate passengers jostle for space to get a glimpse of their idols. There’s no time to waste, so grab your bags and get on board!

The Royal Limited is a solo game about building your train and filling it up with passengers and VIPs before the train departs. Use cards from your hand to add new cars and place passengers to occupy them. Match symbols and colors to ensure everyone aboard is satisfied, especially the VIPs! Make the most of your line and see if you can live up to the grand expectations of The Royal Limited.

  • Players: 1
  • Length: 10-15 minutes
  • Age: 8+


Purple Moose Plays...The Royal Limited Kickstarter Preview


Second Line (4 Train Cards)

Business is booming! Running two lines on parallel tracks allows for maximum profits, as long as there are enough passengers.

This 4-card expansion introduces additional train cards in a new color and allows players to operate a second train below their first line.

Murder on Board (1 Detective Card, 1 Murderer Card, 1 Victim Card)

A stormy night. An isolated train traveling through the English countryside. It’s the perfect spot for a heinous crime. But the killer didn’t account for a renowned detective on board…

What would a train be without a little murder mystery? In this 3-card expansion, you must find the victim and catch the killer before time runs out or lose the game.

Designed by Scott Almes
Art by Taylor Stone

The Royal Limited Wallet Game $12 - required for all games

Second Line Expansion $3

Murder on Board Expansion $3

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