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Universal Rule: Singularity

Universal Rule: Singularity

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3-5 Players
Ages 12+
45 Minutes

The war rages on. Alliances are forming and breaking faster than you can decide which side to align with. The new themes of meanies (direct player to player aggression) will quickly help in your decision making. You can work on taking over the universe together, but in the end, only one can rule.

Universal Rule: Singularity is a standalone expansion to Universal Rule. It can be played in one of the following ways:

  • Play Singularity all by itself.
  • Randomize 17 Planet Cards and 1 Edge Card.
  • Choose your favorite combination of 17 Planet Cards and 1 Edge Card.

In Universal Rule: Singularity, players battle for control of the universe in this pocket-sized 4X style game. You can colonize new planets, explore new areas on those planets, gain credits based off of the resources that the planet produces, or attempt to destroy other planets that threaten your existence. Other players can follow, but at a cost. The first player to show their true dominance through victory points wins the game.

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