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Converge: Sparks of Hope

Converge: Sparks of Hope

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The suns of Malvios are dying. Across the planet, survivors race to glean what hope for the future they can find in the failing light. Pooling their resources, experts from all walks of life converge to find the best path forward – and the team they’ll need to follow it.

Converge is one of our most ambitious games yet. Set in a sci-fi world on the brink of destruction, players race to fulfill shared goals by recruiting team members to their faction, all while managing the mysterious artifact that may just hold the key to success. 

Designed by Peter C. Hayward (That Time You Killed Me, Village Pillage) and beautifully illustrated by Steven De Waele, Converge uses a single shared ruleset across multiple 18-card wallets. Each set can be played by itself as a standalone game or mixed with the others to create new combinations of 18-card playsets. 

Whether you want a grab-and-play experience or the opportunity for near-endless variation, Converge offers something for everyone.

Converge: Sparks of Hope stars the subterranean Delvers, brilliant Astropaths, and compassionate Healers. Seeking refuge below the earth, the Delvers Expand their tunnels to house new team members. The constant Study of the Astropaths allows them to copy other skillset's effects. The Healers practice their craft to Heal the injured, restoring them from the discard pile to a team.

  • Players: 2 (solo by expansion)
  • Length: 20-30 minutes
  • Age: 10+


Designers: Peter C. Hayward
Artist: Steven De Waele


Converge: Catalysts of Change $12

Converge: Sparks of Hope $12 

Converge: Engines of Progress $12 

Converge: Aspects of Vision solo expansion $4 (requires at least one of Catalysts of Change, Sparks of Hope or Engines of Progress)

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