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Mysticana: EMPTY Expansion Games wallet (PREORDER: ESTIMATED SHIPPING OCTOBER 2024)

Mysticana: EMPTY Expansion Games wallet (PREORDER: ESTIMATED SHIPPING OCTOBER 2024)

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Living elements interweave throughout the realm. A water guardian extinguishes a roaring wildfire that leaves behind unrecognizably scorched earth. The seared avatar of that earth rises and consumes the water of a dozen seas. With infinite variations on their eternal cycle, no element can ever reign supreme.

Mysticana is a Foundation Deck: an 18-card deck that includes multiple core games using just the base cards with even more games added through small expansions. The deck features cards numbered 1-6 across 3 suits (elements) which have a “rock-paper-scissors” hierarchy. While each game might make use of the deck’s design in different ways, the flexible foundation enables new games to fit in seamlessly alongside previous entries.

The base deck includes rules for three core games: Nine Perils, Sorcerers' Showdown, and The Path Ahead.

More expansions will come out over the course of a year.

The Mysticana Expansion Games wallet is the perfect storage solution for your chosen Mysticana expansions. 

  • 1-6 Players (game dependent)
  • 15 Minutes
  • Ages 8+


Foundation Deck Designed by Dustin Dobson & Jamie Thul
Expansions designed by Dustin Dobson & Jamie Thul, Roshni Patel
Art by Filip Popovic

Mysticana: A Foundation Deck ($12)
- the base deck, required for all games

Cave of Djinns ($4)
- a 6 card solo expansion packed in a card sleeve (requires Mysticana: Foundation Deck)

Arcane Artifacts ($4)
- a 6 card 2-6 player expansion packed in a card sleeve (requires Mysticanana: Foundation Deck)

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